North Cali Landscaping Services - Maintenance and One-Time Projects

Landscaping services ranges from regular maintenance to one-time projects.  Our maintenance is offered on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis as well as seasonal servicing.

We also assist residential and commercial properties with defensible fire clearance.  Our work is performed according to Cal-Fire codes 80020, PCR 4291 in requirement with PG&E compliance code 1206.8.3.  We remove anything that is a fire threat including leaves, pine needles, fallen branches, all tree debris, and drainage clearance for any specific area requested by our client.

We will do jobs and projects ranging from fixing a single sprinkler, mowing grass, cleaning gutters, weed whacking to laying a full irrigation system, installing sod, walkways, steps, retaining walls and more.

Tree Service

Tree Trimming

Our tree services include

  • Pruning
  • Full Removal
  • Stump Grinding

These services are applied to diverse situations ranging from Cal-Fire clearance, line clearances with PG&E, land clearance for CAL-FIRE to regular insurance home clearance and more.  We offer tree services for both residential and commercial properties.

Tree stump grinding


Hardscaping services for landscaping

Hardscaping services are offered for retaining walls, steps, walkways and other rock and concrete structures used as part of your landscaping project.

Breaking Down Boulders

Snow Season Services

Snow Shoveling

Our snow services are the whole 360º, offering a diversity of options as needed.  We provide both residential and commercial weather monitoring, day and night, so we can  provide you with the best customer service.


  • Plowing, removing and pushing snow
  • Salting driveways, pathways, sidewalks, roads ,parking lots, etc.
  • Shoveling where equipment does not fit
  • Providing overnight ice control with temperature laser with salting as needed
  • Using heavy snow equipment on site (SKID STEER), salting truck, etc.
  • Providing residential and commercial snow services, following the same protocol of 33º Fahrenheit and below, with humidity of 60% and higher.
North Cali Landscaping & Tree Service: Snow Services

Seasonal Wood

Wood cord for firewood

Northcali Landscaping & Tree Service offers seasonal firewood for sale.

The wood is approximately 12 to 14 inches long for chimney sizes.

We always have oak wood and provide pine and cedar to help start up the fire.

Mixed wood is available for those who want it.  A cord of mixed wood is $350.00, and a cord of pure oak is $400.00.

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